Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Barbara Timberman at Barbara Timberman Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor paintings; Handmade blank books

A quiet sanctuary—my Cottage Garden is a mix of vegetables, herbs, perennial and annual flowers enticing the visitor to wander, to rest, to draw and to engage the senses.

2021 Tour: June 12 & 13th, 10am - 5pm

Barbara is hosting a group show this year:
Barbara Timberman Watercolor Paintings

1194 Main Street
Coventry 06238

Artist's Statement

The subject matter of my paintings developed from an early interest in botany and a later interest in gardening. The close observation of plant structure and form is always the starting point for my drawings although I frequently partner the plant subjects with complex and beautiful man- made objects.

My paintings rely on the relationships between colors. I begin building my composition with the initial color of my subject and work to create a color chord that ties the work together. I find that watercolor allows me to layer and intensify color while enjoying interplay between splashy spontaneity and tight control. Time is an element in the slow pleasure of working out a complex visual puzzle.

My goal is to direct the viewer’s attention to the tangled, intertwining beauty of the material world.