Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Jane Rackliffe at Jane Rackliffe Fused Glass

Fused Glass

Exploring the the possibilities of turning glass into art as well as working in my ever expanding “Secret Garden” are my passions.


2024 Tour: June 8 & 9th, 10am - 5pm

Jane Rackliffe Fused Glass

49 Lake View Dr
Ashford, CT 06278

Artist's Statement

Hidden in the woods, you will find my“ secret garden”, a favorite destination to children and their parents in our neighborhood on Lake Chaffee. Before you reach the garden, you will travel past several raised vegetable and herb gardens and my greenhouse shed, which displays my fuse glass artwork in the summer. The main garden features paths and boardwalks over a brook, a large collection of labeled miniature, and a variety of other shade plants and several raised beds created from recycled daybeds. Hand made stepping stones, a totem pole, and other surprises can be found throughout the garden.

My passions are working with glass and gardening and I got the chance to do both with gusto when I retired from teaching almost ten years ago. Fused glass allows me to play with color, form, and light, while continuing to challenge me to experiment with different techniques. Typically, each piece is hand cut, layered and fired in a kiln for a day. Many of my pieces require several firings to achieve the outcome I want.
The garden has been an ongoing project for years. I have been clearing land and planting and Dan has been building boardwalks as I go. We have added a display shed for artwork and a greenhouse shed near the garden. Finding more varieties of plants that do well in the shade of the woods is an ongoing process. My two passions are intertwined- frequently I find inspiration for my artwork in the garden.