Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Janet Dauphin at Khuyay Farm


Glass takes on exciting new forms and colors when fired in a kiln. I create nightlights, dishes, and window art, working at home on my alpaca farm.

2022 Tour: June 11 & 12th, 10am - 5pm

is hosting a group show this year:

Khuyay Farm

441 Warrenville Rd
Mansfield, CT 06250

Artist's Statement

Glass is neither a liquid nor a solid. Instead, it is an ‘amorphous solid’–somewhere between those two states. And, when conditions are right, pieces of glass can be fused together to create exciting new forms. I first became enamored with glass as a young child, working next to my mother in her stained-glass studio. I learned to cut, grind, and piece together glass; skills which came in handy when, as an adult, I began to experiment with fusing glass using an old pottery kiln. A few years later I purchased a dedicated fusing kiln and am always honing my talents. No two pieces of glass are alike, and I study it before I put it in place. Magic happens inside the kiln. Colors change, shapes shift, and new artwork is born!


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