Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Mary Noonan at Flying Dragon Farm Studio

Oils, watercolor, encaustic

Mary Noonen will not be taking part in the in-person tour this year, but you can still see her work on the site or as part of our virtual tour.

2021 Tour: June 12 & 13th, 10am - 5pm

Come visit Mary's studio this year!
Flying Dragon Farm Studio

533 Chaffeeville Road
Storrs Mansfield 06238

Artist's Statement

As an artist I take time to look and look and look again. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient so a quick impression is presented. Sometimes I’m stubborn and I’ll paint and paint and paint again until the painting is good. In the studio is where I take what I’ve learned and discover how much I don’t know. In the world is where the I get inspired and bring that inspiration from the world through myself and into view for you.
I live in a place where the colors of nature surround me. The sounds and smells of nature are present. I want to share the whole with you. Welcome.

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