Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

Mary Noonan at Flying Dragon Farm Studio

Oils, watercolor, encaustic

The winter garden shows it's bones through snow and ice. By summer greens and reds, kale and tomatoes and clown colored zinnias bloom. there are gold fish too in the aquaponics greenhouse. The barn holds artworks done in oils, water color and encaustics.

2021 Tour: June 12 & 13th

Come visit Mary's studio this year!
Flying Dragon Farm Studio

533 Chaffeeville Road
Storrs Mansfield 06238

Artist's Statement

As an artist I take time to look and look and look again. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient so a quick impression is presented. Sometimes I’m stubborn and I’ll paint and paint and paint again until the painting is good. In the studio is where I take what I’ve learned and discover how much I don’t know. In the world is where the I get inspired and bring that inspiration from the world through myself and into view for you.
I live in a place where the colors of nature surround me. The sounds and smells of nature are present. I want to share the whole with you. Welcome.

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