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Michelle Allison at Michelle Metal Art

metal sculpture

Featuring scaled up, steel outdoor sculptures. Executed as fabricated and welded vessels, reflecting my continuing exploration of intensely colored classical hollow forms.


2024 Tour: June 8 & 9th, 10am - 5pm

Michelle Metal Art

638 Browns Rd
Mansfield, CT 06268

Artist's Statement

I am currently working in metal, primarily cold rolled carbon steel bar and plate. My most recent work (after a 55 year career working in wood) is a series of fabricated (bent and welded) vessels, scaled up to serve as outdoor sculptures. I continue to explore the possibilities of the vessel form, now utilizing the unique capabilities of metal. Constructed of ribs and rings these works feature a large amount of negative space; thus they appear light and opened up. The viewer has easy access to the vessel’s interior space resulting in an experience of both interior and exterior geometry. Continuing my interest in employing a visually bold color palette, these pieces are finished with a modern automotive three part “Hot Rod” paint system. Other work employs a more traditional; rust patina, sometime using recycled materials and components.


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