Connecticut Art and Garden Tour

2021 Connecticut Art and Garden Tour Registration (Special)


When you are ready to register and submit content for the 2021 Art and Garden Tour, click “Add to Cart”.

Check below to see what you should have ready before you register and submit content.

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When you are ready to register and submit content for the 2021 Art and Garden Tour, click “Add to Cart”.

Before you do this, we recommend having the following information ready:

About The Artist

  1. Artist Name
  2. Artist Medium(s)
  3. Public Email Address (optional)
  4. Studio Name (optional)

Exhibition-Specific Information

  1. Name of Studio Where You’re Showing
    • If you’re showing at your own studio, enter its name as you would like it to be displayed on the website.
  2. Artist’s Statement (Required)
  3. Short Exhibition Description (Required)
    • Max: 150 Characters. This shorter description will be shown on the homepage of This is likely to be the first information website visitors see about you on the website.

Content Submission

  1. You will be required to upload between 3 and 6 images featuring your work and garden (if applicable).
    • Each image must have a title (40 character max) and a caption (100 character max).
    • Each image must be in png, jpg, or jpeg format. 
    • Each image must be less than 20 MB in size. This size limit is very high and most images will be less than 20 MB to begin with. All images will be resized and reformatted to be optimal for the website and wherever else they will appear. Unless you have images that are much higher resolution than average, you can simply upload your originals without resizing them. There are no requirements for resolution, dpi. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone. If you are comfortable resizing your images, feel free to resize your images so they are less than 1500px x 1500px so that they upload faster. Otherwise, don’t worry about it.


We are accepting digital credit/debit card payments, payments through PayPal, and checks sent through the mail.

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